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WG4 Meeting: Dissemination and Communication

Dates: January 25 - 26,  2024

Venue: University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, Czech Republic

This meeting will contribute to WG4 objective, which is to promote communication, dissemination, and science-art crossover activities related to the theme of the action „Information, Coding, and Biological Function: the Dynamics of Life“ at large remarking the importance of basic research for the evolution and the well-being of the human society. At the WG4 meetings, leading science communicators, journalists, and documentary filmmakers will guide the scientific community on how to communicate scientific issues to the general public.

Zoom link for WG4 meetings:

As part of this meeting, there will be a public launch of the book "R.U.R. and the Vision of Artificial Life" (edited by WG4 leader Jitka Čejková, published by MIT Press on January 16, 2024) which was created thanks to the COST programme networking support. Please register using this form and specify whether you will participate in person or remotely (Zoom link for the book launch:

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