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The Science Communication Coordinator of the COST Action DYNALIFE is pleased to announce an open call for the Action logo.

The COST Action DYNALIFE logo should have to be simple and modern. It should represent the ideas and objectives of the COST Action DYNALIFE, which aims to turn the conceptual, qualitative metaphor of information in the biological sciences into a quantitative holistic view that encompasses the different kinds of biological information and their dynamical exchange mechanisms. For more details please check the web and read the Memorandum of Understanding.

The logo shall be easily recognisable and, as such, should stand out and be different from other logos. The design could be in colour, but should also be usable in black & white. There are no specific colours that need to be included in the design, but the logo and logo mark should fit to the current web pages which are greenish. It should match the letter font “roboto”.  We ask the logo creators to avoid too much details.

The logo should be proposed in 2 variations:

  • Logo mark, which should fit to square. The logo mark will be used as favicon for the webpage. It will also serve as a profile picture in social media, so it should be recognizable when placed in the round field.

  • Full logo, which must include both the logo mark and letters of the “DYNALIFE” (or the letters can be part of the logo mark). The rectangular vertical logo is preferred.

The logo will be used for the web pages, social media, posters, brochures, presentations, documents and any other communication tools. The primary functions of DYNALIFE logo are to boost recognition, create memorability, enhance awareness of the COST Action DYNALIFE and communicate the main idea and mission of the action. Any other suggestions for graphic elements (images for the web, headers for social sites, etc.) are also welcome.

This call is open to everyone interested to create a logo of the COST Action DYNALIFE. If you have any idea please send your logo(s) proposals at: by May 1, 2023. The subject of the email must be: DYNALIFE LOGO. All proposed logos will we shown within the WG4 meeting at “80, 70, 20 Conference: Towards Excellence and Convergence Research in Theoretical Biology” in Venice (May 2-4, 2023). There will be an open discussion on how the logo could look like. The aim of this call is to collect as many ideas as possible on how the COST Action DYNALIFE logo could look like. The final logo can be combined from several submitted designs and finalized by graphics experts.  If you send us your idea in this open call, do not expect any financial or other reward. The final logo will be decided by Core Group and Science Communication Coordinator.

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