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COST dissemination grants were recently awarded to Julyan Cartwright and Simone Giannerini to spread the word about our COST Action Dynalife at other conferences.

Julyan Cartwright, the vice-chair of COST Action Dynalife, is actively involved in the promotion of our COST action. In July, the hybrid ALIFE Conference on Artificial Life was held in Sapporo, Japan, where Jitka Cejkova organised  the “CHEMALIFORMS III - the Third Workshop on Chemistry and Artificial Life Forms”. Julyan had an online talk about Dynalife here. Further, Julyan gave a dedicated in-person presentation of Dynalife in the conference plenary session of XLIII Dynamics Days Europe, and also circulated Dynalife handouts and posters throughout the meeting. There were some 400 people attending the conference, all interested in dynamical systems and from disciplines from mathematics through physics, chemistry, engineering through to biology. Julyan had plenty of interest from attendees in various of these different disciplines, and some people have written to him after the conference to find out more about Dynalife. Some are at present joining the action as a result of his presentation.

Simone Giannerini represented our COST Action Dynalife at 20th IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology 29-31 August, 2023 – Eindhoven, The Netherlands. His talk was included in a session devoted to the presentation of COST actions. Also, he set up a booth where he circulated printed material about the action. Several posters on the Action were attached to the walls and remained visible throughout the conference in the main room.

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